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Theories of Creativity – part 2


First I’ll look at mind maps:


I’ve used mind maps many times over the years, in school for the most part, but it’s not until recently I’ve appreciated its usefulness.


I used in the initial stages of pre-production for my now defunct short, ‘Office Space’. It was very useful in keeping track of the different aspects of what needed to be done, because you’re able to go from a general overview of what needs to be completed, and then go right out in to the nitty gritty, whilst keeping the smaller aspects in perspective. As opposed to a list, it visually reminds you of the hierarchy of importance, in what you’re ‘mapping’.


I only used it for the overall pre-production, but it can be used for other things – such as the script, or characters.


For instance, if you were to use it for a character, you could start off with all the most important, or ‘larger’ details around the centre, and then filling in all the smaller details towards the edges, giving you a visual idea of this person’s makeup.


Second is co-creation:


I find that in my creative endeavours, I enjoy the process much more, if I’m able to collaborate. For instance, if writing a piece of music, or a script, I might work with another person. If we’re on the same wavelength, then I often find the process exhilarating, because you bounce back and forth off one another, and you each see things that the other might miss. You’re able to team up and approach it from more than just one angle. In good collaborative relationships, I find that when one of us is ‘down’, the other will often be able to compensate for that and keep things moving forward – whereas by myself, I might get stuck for hours, days, or even weeks.


In ‘Office Space’ I’d planned to use the co-creational approach in multiple ways. One was the lawyer vampires – I wanted to work them to find the two sides to their characters. I had certain ideas of how they might act when they transformed in to vampires, but I wanted their contributions too. Then I would take what I would see, keep what I like and get rid of what I don’t, then get them to keep contributing. I don’t think I’d be able to get the most out of them if I stayed with a pre-conceived view, or weren’t open to their input and collaboration.

The new project

The new project I’m making (instead of Office Space) is a music vid for an upcoming hip-hop group, Def’n’Ess. I made a music video last year for one half of Def’n’Ess, a guy called Sunsaran ( We teamed up again to do a video for one of their popular tracks, ‘Just Another Day’.

1st day of shooting was completed today, and we shot Def’s verses. We’ll be shooting Wed-Fri, then again on Monday. There’s a lot of locations for an approximately 4 minute video (a rough schedule):

Tuesday 1pm - 5pm
RMIT Building 94

Wednesday 5pm - 9pm

Thursday 10am - 7pm
Ocean Grove

Friday 8am - 5:30pm
Newport then Williamstown

Monday 10am - 4:30pm
RMIT Building 94 recording studio

I’ll post up some stills when I get some!



Once again things have been unsettled. Due to an inability to lockdown a suitable location for the main office scenes, I’ve been forced to do something else and put ‘Office Space’ on the back burner for now.

But - as with all things, it seems there’s a reason. I’ve got something else in the works which is promising but quite different to what I had planned. I’ll be teaming up with someone I’ve worked with in the past, and I’m looking to create something really good.

Stay tuned.

Location lockdowns

I made a visit to Bundoora RMIT the other day, to check out locations I could use there. I was told they had some great tunnels and other bits and pieces to use.

After wandering around for a bit, I had a chat to the guys in the security office, and they offered to show me round! So we went for a walk, and the friendly chap showed me a bunch of different spots that could be suitable - then the fellow who was rostered on after him, showed me round too! They’re definitely getting a 6 pack after the shoot.

To cut a long story short, seems like I’m going to be able to film all of it (fingers crossed) at Bundoora RMIT. I’ve still yet to put in the paperwork etc but everyone has been pretty friendly so far, so here’s hoping it goes smoothly.

Shaky future

Well, it looks like just as things have started, this might not even get off the ground in the first place! I’m having trouble getting a hold of the right locations, namely … an office. The decider of fate on this project will be over the next week or two. If I can’t get a hold of one, then it’ll be time to come up with a new script!

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